Since 2013 Northern Ireland has lost approximately 90% or all solar companies.

Unfortunately, you may have purchased a system from one of these companies.

Your solar system needs very little regular maintenance. But in order to keep it producing into old age, periodic checks are advisable

Our recommended health check – beneficial for solar PV systems includes:

  • Visual check and test of key connections, switches and electrical components
  • Visual check of panels, mountings and other hardware components
  • Inverter diagnostics, checking accuracy of inverter readings compared with comparable systems throughout the province
  • Irradiance & DC circuit test
  • Check inverter and fan
  • Supply of detailed report of inspection
  • We will also provide advice on future warranty claims (submitting a warranty claim to manufacturers on your behalf if required)

We presently look after the servicing and warranty claims for companies such as

Solar Ni,Amber Green,PVI ,Renewable Solutions,Sun Renewables,Blue Sky

Over 3500 households in Northern Ireland

If you are experiencing any issues with your solar system, please contact us on 07759998343 or email